Homeless Outreach Program
In Los Angeles

Homelessness is an incredibly complex social issue that impacts people, communities and businesses. In many instances, the first step toward a solution is to simply reach out and offer a helping hand. This is why businesses and Business Improvement Districts call upon AGS Protect to provide homeless outreach in Los Angeles. Focused on connecting with homeless people as individuals, our teams work with clients to create a program that delivers real change and positive outcomes for everyone.

Our Goals

Our homeless assistance program is aimed at helping people gain access to the resources they need to improve their lives. When clients reach out to us, our homeless outreach team works with them to develop strategies that assist people and provide measurable results supported by hard data. With our expertise, our customers report seeing clear improvement in the rate of incidents over time.

How Our Approach Works

​What makes our homeless outreach program so successful is our focus on developing a rapport with people. We understand that helping people find the assistance they need is a process, not an outcome. The first step for us is always getting to know those living on the street as individuals. When someone feels as though his or her unique circumstances are understood, he or she is more likely to accept the idea that being connected to social services could have a meaningful impact.

We also know that having the right professionals deliver street outreach services is crucial. That’s why we specialize in finding and training those who have the proper skills for developing a rapport with the homeless. Our training programs are specifically designed for outreach and include in-field instruction, so our pros get first-hand experience. They learn the best methods for approaching people so they can be successful at connecting them to resources such as job training, mental health treatment, substance abuse counseling and more.

Although we’re focused on creating the most effective process possible, we also know that our clients want to measure the outcomes in terms they can understand. That’s why we work with clients to determine the key performance indicators that are most important to them and track them. We provide detailed reports to help them identify trends and optimize our deployments.

A Comprehensive Approach to Safety

Many clients combine this program with our other capabilities to create a comprehensive response to the wide range of issues that affect business locations beyond homelessness. We have more than 30 years of experience providing security services in Hollywood and throughout Los Angeles.

Our ability to provide customized solutions has made us an invaluable partner for numerous businesses and VIPs who are concerned with safety. In everything we do, we strive to live up to our core values of dependability, integrity, transparency, honesty and commitment. If you want to learn more about our homeless outreach program or anything else we can do for you, connect with one of our knowledgeable representatives today. We’re ready to answer any questions you may have or help you get started.